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Peek Ka Boo

Wooden Peek Ka Boo

Peek Ka Boo is a favourite game for all toddlers. This game has 3 cases with 1 little man and 2 capped heads. Placing the little man in their coordinating hiding spots makes a delightful fun time for your little one. Compact and yet exciting - can be carried to restaurants / doctors / vacations etc. to keep your little one engaged for a long time. Good game for cognitive development.

Available in two colors - Red and Black

Picture of Peek Ka Boo a - Red
Peek Ka Boo a - Red
Peek Ka Boo a
SKU: LAQ 015 a
₹ 750.00
Products specifications
Texture & Color Lacquered
Age 4 yrs. and above
Age 2 yr. - 3 yrs.
Age 3 yrs. - 4 yrs.
Height 4" - 5"
Width 1" - 2"
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