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Chota Dharak - Boxes

AATIKE Chota Dharak - Wooden Box

Simplicity, Elegant, Vibrant and Utility is what AATIKE’s Dharak containers is all about. Dharak can be to store various stuffs like spices, dry fruits, pins, buttons, rubber-bands, etc. It has a see through lid with a combination of wood and glass which makes it easy to identify the stuff stored within. It is a good utility artifact for homes or can be a wonderful gift for Dear ones.

Made of sustainable wood and is handcrafted by artisans of Etikopakka and lacquer coated made of vegetable dye.

Note: Please do not place this near wash basins or damp areas. Exposure to moisture can affect lacquered colors.

Picture of Dharak Red
Dharak Red
Container size of 3x3 inches with red container & green Lid
SKU: Deco 016c
₹ 375.00
Picture of Dharak Orange
Dharak Orange
Container size of 3x3 inches with Orange container & red Lid
SKU: Deco 016d
₹ 375.00
Products specifications
Category - Others Wooden Containers
Texture & Color Lacquered
Height 3" - 4"
Width 3" - 4"
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