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Wooden handcrafted Bangles available various sizes - Baby size to Adult size. Please see below to choose the ideal sizes that fits your requirement

Bangles are ornaments which adorns the arm. AATIKE’s Choodiyan are bangles handcrafted by artisans of channapatna. These bright, colorful trendy bangles are perfect accessory to be paired with both traditional and modern outfits!

Choodiyan comes in Set of 5 and is 1.1 inch in height. Each set consists of 1 red Bangle, 1 Yellow Bangle, 1 Green Bangle, 1 Orange Bangle and 1 Black Bangle. 

Did you know?  Bangles were used in ancient times to strengthen the arms. It is highly recommended for babies to build their muscles. The earliest evidence of Bangles has been evacuated from Mohenjo-daro (2600 BC) .The tradition of wearing Bangles comes from South Asian Regions, todays it is worn both by Women & Men worldwide and is a strong fashion statement!

There are wide range of sizes available, please choose below the right sizes that fits your requirement

Picture of Choodiyan Baby Size
Choodiyan Baby Size
Ideal Size for 6 months to 2 years children
SKU: LAQ0059a
₹ 550.00
Picture of Choodiyan 2.4 Size
Choodiyan 2.4 Size
Ideal Size for 2 years and above
SKU: LAQ0059b
₹ 650.00
Picture of Choodiyan 2.6 Size
Choodiyan 2.6 Size
Ideal Size for Adults
SKU: LAQ0059c
₹ 650.00
Picture of Choodiyan 2.8 Size
Choodiyan 2.8 Size
Ideal Size for Adults
SKU: LAQ0059d
₹ 650.00