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Jester - Classic Stacking Toy Channapatna Toys
SKU: LAQ 032
Old price: ₹ 800.00
Price: ₹ 560.00

Jester – is a classic childhood toy with nine coloured stacking pieces where a child can endlessly assemble, dis-assemble and re-assemble using their own imagination and stack in any order. The bright colors aid in visual development, recognize colors / sizes, develop hand eye coordination, counting etc. ‘Jester’ will keep the child excited and stimulated for long hours! 

Handcrafted by artisans of Channapatna

Products specifications
Height 5" - 6"
Width 3" - 4"
Type Building & Stacking
Type Creative/ skill based
Age 1 yr. - 2 yrs.
Age 2 yr. - 3 yrs.
Age 3 yrs. - 4 yrs.
Texture & Color Lacquered
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