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AATIKE Minkin Set - Gummy Teethers

Handcrafted, Nontoxic & Child safe INDIAN wooden Rattles & Teether
₹ 1,100.00

AATIKE Minkin set is combination of 3 unique Toys - Rattle, Teether & Pull-Push toy which will help infants in sore gum soothing needs and also facilate in gross motor co-ordination skills such as hand grasping along with acoustic stimulation. 

1. Crown Rattle: Makes jingle sound as the babies shake them,  excellnt toy for sore gum soothing infant needs

2: Dumbbell: Lovely, bright baby rattle and clutching toy has safe rounded edges that are easy for baby to grab and hold. It is a good toy to exercise arm strength. It contains concealed food grains that gently jingle as the baby shakes it that will keep them entertained for hours!

3. Ant: a great toy for your little one to know about ants. This push-pull Wooden toy ant is good for motor skills. It is very handy and be carried along very easily to any place to keep the kids entertained! Ideal for Crawling babies.


AATIKE’s Gummy Teethers & Rattles are designed with utmost care keeping safety of the babies & their needs. It has lovely bright colors & simple spherical design forms will keep the little hands, fingers busy and entertained for hours!

AAIKE’s Gummy Teethers are handcrafted by artisans of Channapatna, INDIA and is made of sustainable wood with nontoxic natural food colors & is brought together in a 100% cotton thread

Products specifications
Width 2" - 3"
Age Birth - 6 months
Age 6 months - 1 year
Texture & Color Lacquered