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Spinning Ant

AATIKE Spinning Wooden Ant

The ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah! Ants are social insects. They live & work together & are very important for the environment. Here is a hard-working and always busy ant with spinning vertebral that spins from the friction of sphere legs creating Visual & Spatial effect. This Ant not only keeps your child fascinated for hours but also teaches the mechanism of spinning.

Available in 3 different colors : Yellow, Green & Red

Handcrafted by the artisans of Channapatna, Toys made in INDIA

Picture of Spinning Ant - Red
Spinning Ant - Red
Spinning Ant
SKU: LAQ 044 - Red
₹ 450.00
Picture of Spinning Ant - Yellow
Spinning Ant - Yellow
AATIKE Spinning Ant - Yellow
SKU: LAQ 044 - Yellow
₹ 450.00
Picture of Spinning Ant - Green
Spinning Ant - Green
AATIKE Spinning Ant - Green
SKU: LAQ 044 - Green
₹ 450.00
Products specifications
Type Creative/ skill based
Type Stationary/ decorative
Age 1 yr. - 2 yrs.
Age 2 yr. - 3 yrs.
Age 3 yrs. - 4 yrs.
Collection Animals & Birds
Texture & Color Lacquered
Type Moving
Type Animals
Width 2" - 3"
Height 1" - 2"
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