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TIC-TAC-TOE, Noughts & Crosses

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Beautifully Hand crafted version of the timeless and popular game Noughts & Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe). This classic Tic-Tac-Toe board game is made of sustainable wood with lacquered finish & has a distinctive, nostalgic style. It. helps encourage problem solving skills and abstract symbolic reasoning and it is fun! It is easy to be carried anywhere and will be a good entertainer to keep the whole family occupied for hours!

How to play:It needs two players to play this game. Make spaces with 4 sticks in 3×3 grids. Players choose their respective colored people to place them in the grid. (Player 1=red, Player 2-green). These little people will be placed in the grid in turns in the grid. The player who has 3 little people in a row either vertically/horizontally/diagonally is the winner!

Texture & Color



Creative/ skill based, Educational/ Puzzles


2 yrs. and above


3" – 4"


6" – 7"


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